We had dreamed of owning a dog for many years, especially the kids. We promised them a dog as soon as we could find one that wouldn’t cause allergies. We were sure that such a dog wouldn’t exist.

One morning in August we got very sad news. A near relative of ours died suddenly. Broken hearted we tried to manage from one day to another. During the nights I looked for webpages about dogs trying to find some comfort in my grief. Even today I’m not sure how I ever found Sessan’s ALD homepage.  I contacted the dog-breeder and after a few days we got a message saying we were on the puppy waiting list. Our recovery started from that day onwards even if it was a small step at the time.  Hope and joy gradually returned to our lives, life goes on regardless of sorrow and grief.

We waited for two years for Alma and we are really happy with this remarkable human-friendly dog in our family. The waiting time was long but it was definitely worth it! This dog has brought so much joy and happiness to our family that it’s even difficult to explain.

Alma has a wonderful nature, she loves people and being scratched and cuddled with. She loves relaxing on the sofa but also learns new things fast and likes to do tricks. She loves to play, especially ball games. Alma is always ready to come with the family and travelling in the car is not a problem, as long as the family is with her. She doesn’t care much about other dogs but likes to play with the ones that she knows. She doesn’t bark at all, she just wonders why other dogs bark and growl.

As dog owners we are new, this is our first dog, and we’re learning something new every day. Alma is now 2.5 years old and we have attended agility, obedience courses and nose work. My daughter is also training Alma to be a diabetes service dog. Alma needs a lot of time and attention and gentle training.

I’m very impressed with what these dogs are capable of. Alma is so clever and amazing. We are so grateful that we got her – our own Alma!