Because of allergies in the family we had never seriously considered getting a dog, even though we all like dogs very much. Our daughter has wished for a dog ever since she could talk, and since she could write she always wished for a dog as a Christmas present.  She even wrote it on her wishing list as a teenager.

Our daughter has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since she was a child. Several times while she suffered from pain we wished we had a dog to comfort her, to take away the pain and to cheer her up instead. It was our daughter who found the Australian labradoodle webpage.  And at one point when she had a bad period with her illness we went to Sessan’s ALD kennel to cheer her up. There and then our lives changed. 

The whole family waited for the dog eagerly, it took almost a year but it paid off. We had wished for a calm puppy so that our daughter’s health situation and the dog’s temperament would suite each other. The puppy test stated that Aslan was a little bit grumpy, careful, but with a will of his own, open-minded but needs encouragement the first year.

“Grumpy” became Aslan who, now when he is 6 month old, is everything that was told about him but also so much more. Aslan has become much more courageous and loves to take walks in the forest but also in the city. Aslan is a fast learner, especially when you reward him with food. He’s a bit cautious meeting new people but when he gets to know them they are the best of mates. Aslan especially likes to search for goodies and he loves food.

It feels like Aslan has always been with us. He knows his place and has his own favourite games with each family member. The first nights that he spent with our grandmother lasted for three nights, even though two nights was the plan, because everything went so well. This says a lot about Aslan because our grandparents have no previous experience with dogs and they were even a little bit afraid of dogs. Nowadays Aslan is sleeping in the bed with them during visits.