Welcome to discover the Australian Labradoodle

We breed Australian Labradoodles. We work hard to keep the original lines that the founders have defined. The founders’ aim has been to breed a diligent, people loving and allergy friendly breed. The Australian Labradoodle is just not a mix of Poodle and Labrador retriever. This breed is a mix of 6 different pedigrees.

The result of decades of development

The authentic family tree of an Australian Labradoodle shows that the dog is descended from the lines of the first breed (Rutland Manor or Tegan Park). In the origin lines there was a mix of at least three different breeds: Labrador retriever, Poodle, Irish water spaniel, American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel. The development of the breed Australian Labradoodle has been going on for decades and is still developing.

You can recognize an authentic breed by its family tree

The authentic Australian Labradoodle has a straight family tree built up from the founding dogs. To insure you get an authentic Australian Labradoodle you better get it from a breeder who has proof about the origin of the dog and also knows about the dogs’ health and family tree.

Unfortunately many breeders have tried to use the good reputation and great features of the authentic Australian Labradoodle when selling their own dogs. The mix of Labrador retriever and Poodle is many times misleadingly sold as an authentic Australian Labradoodle. You’d better not go for that as the mixed breed and the authentic Australian Labradoodle are two completely different breeds.

Sessan’s ALD is a registered member of ALAEU as an Australian Labradoodle breeder.

Our breeding work is based on the lines defined by the founders:
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