Sessan's ALD

We are certified Australian Labradoodle breeders. Our breeding dogs live as family members home with us or in our guardian families. It is highly important to us that our dogs get inducement, attention and love so that they can live the vital childhood in a home-like environment.


Dogs as family members

Our dogs take part in our everyday living. They are with us both at work and on holiday. The puppies grow in our home in a peacefull environment, but they are also offered the possibility of socializing with children and other dogs. We choose our new dog owners very carefully. We want to be a part of the puppies growth, and therefore hope to maintain the relationship with the new dog owners.

Purchasing a dog from us

Our dogs are regullary tested and we choose our breeding dogs carefully based on the personality and coat type. All the breeding dogs we use have tested eyes, aswell x-rayed elbows and hips. All the breeding dogs are DNA-tested in case of inheritable diseases. 

The breeding is regulated with breeding contracts for developement and recognizion of the breed. All dogs sold as household pets will be sterilized/castrated latest at the age of 18 months. Breeding dogs are sold to committed breeders only.