We got an Australian labradoodle because we have allergies in the family. We got permission from our doctor to take an allergy friendly dog.
It was our friends who told us about the Australian labradoodle.

Our Elmo is a trusting, open-minded and active dog who loves to participate in different activities. Most of all he likes to play with other dogs and be on walks in the forest. Elmo likes all kindsof tasks, especially nose work.  He is a fast learner and has a good memory. Our family’s hobbies are nowadays mostly connected to the dog. In situations that are new for him he observes the 

environment and then confidently confronts them. Elmo is a very social dog who loves people.

The life with Elmo is eventful and wonderful. He loves to be outdoors playing with other dogs and it is really important to him. Elmo can also relax; the highlight of the evening is when the family is gathered in the living room. Elmo is the perfect dog for a family with children, and a perfect dog for us!