When our youngest son got diabetes type 1, we decided we needed a diabetes service dog.  We wanted to have a companion for our son, one who would also watch his changing blood sugar levels. The problem was that I, the mother of the family, am allergic to dogs.  Luckily we soon got the opportunity to meet an Australian labradoodle at Sessan´s ALD and I didn’t have any allergic symptoms, so we decided to buy a puppy from them.

When we finally got Amos home, we immediately started a diabetes dog training program. At that time Amos was only 8 weeks old.  Now we have had Amos for 1.5 years and we don’t regret it for second, that we took the responsibility to train a diabetes dog without any previous experience.  It has been easy to teach Amos, he is very curious and brave. Amos loves to run in the forest, to swim, to be on a boat and to travel in a car. He is always happy when he can be with his family and join us in different activities.

Today Amos is our beloved family member and a graduated diabetes service dog.