History of the breed


Everything started in Australia in the end of the 1980’s when a dog association got a request for a guide dog that needed to be allergy friendly. The association started interbreeding Labrador retrievers with Poodles. Already after the first “experiment” they noticed that a couple of the puppies didn’t cause any allergic reactions to astmatics or allergics. Unfortunately it was not possible to say which puppies would have these good qualities. However, they had a good starting point.

After this Tegan Parks and Rutland Manors took more breeds into the breeding programme to get the best possible qualities in the puppies, for instance the quality of the fur. They added Irish water spaniel, American cocker spaniel and English cocker spaniel to the breed.


The Australian Labradoodle was created

The new breed was named Australian Service dog (ASD Australian labradoodle). Every breed that was used in developing this new breed was chosen by its character, learning abilities and if they were allergy friendly. By combining several breeds they tried to eliminate unwanted typical faults existing in some breeds. At the same time they wanted to broaden the gene bank and avoid inbreeding.

This breed has become very popular in the United States, Europe and Australia. The breeders work under strict regulations to keep the Australian Labradoodle authentic and developing according to plans. The aim is to develop a new approved breed which is allergy friendly and has a wonderful personality.

The standards of the Australian Labradoodle:

There are three sizes of Australian Labradoodles

  • Mini: weight: 7-13 kg, withers height: 35-42 cm

  • Medium: weight: 13-20 kg, withers height: 43-52cm

  • Standard: weight: 20-30 kg, withers height: 53-63cm

The coat can be either fleece, wool or curly fleece. The Australian Labradoodle doesn’t shed so you need to trim the coat 3-4 times a year. The approved colours of coats: chocolate, cream, red, white, black, grey. The coat can also be two-coloured.

The characteristics of the Australian Labradoodle are observant eyes, safe and social, not aggressive. You can also recognize this breed by its way of easy walking.