Welcome to meet the lovely Australian Labradoodle!

We are the first in Finland to be registered as Australian Labradoodle breeders (ALAEU) and (WALA), we breed according to ALAEU standards.

The breed is happy, playful and loves being around people. Thanks to the good sense of smell the dog can be trained to tasks where it needs to use its nose.

We breed a few litters per year and the puppies will grow up in our home getting used to people and normal everyday life.

Sessan’s ALD




For the moment we have 4 dogs living in our home and the rest of our dogs are placed in guardian homes. All our adult dogs have been fully health and character tested. We only use dogs with the best qualities in our breeding programme. They also need to pass the tests requested by ALAEU.
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Families tell about their experiences as Australian Labradoodle owners. Read about why they have decided to choose this breed as a part of the family, and the wonderful personalities that has developed within our dogs through the years. Among every story told, there is pictures of the specific dogs. Have a look!
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