We are a couple who have always wanted a dog. Unfortunately our allergies have made it impossible to have a dog. We have tried interacting with different dog races before, but without results, until we met the breeder of the Australian labradoodle. There were four dogs present and we didn’t get any allergic reactions.

We discussed with the breeder what kind of a dog we wanted and that was actually a very difficult question to answer. We just wanted a dog of our own. We visited the puppies before delivery and after the puppy test we came to know which of the puppies would be ours.

Finally we got our Jade. She made our family so happy, and as you can see from the picture, that little puppy with her beautiful eyes melted our hearts.


Since Jade was our first puppy we attended a puppy course. She was very clever and a fast learner. Even though I have to admit that sometimes she refused to listen at all. The last course we attended was about nose work.

Jade is often with me at work at a home for the elderly. Jade loves people and other dogs and wants to greet everyone. She also makes us laugh every day. The expression on her face also tells us if she is happy. It’s important to her to be with us and if we leave her alone at home you can see on her face that she’s not happy about it. However, when we come back home she is the happiest dog in the world.