For several years we had considered getting a dog but my animal allergies made it impossible.

Then I heard about a dog that was allergy friendly. My son found the internet site of Sessan’s ALD and we were thrilled by the dog’s looks and character. We decided to contact the breeder and arrange for a meeting.  We were immediately convinced that this was a dog for us and joined the waiting list for a puppy.

Jalo was born in December 2015 and in the middle of February we got to take him home. Jalo is now 9 weeks old but you could think he is older from his behaviour. We started to teach him at once and he can already tell us when he wants to get out. Jalo also knows what the word ‘no’ means. He hasn’t yet broken anything in the house, and he is very loving and likes to be in the lap. The first evening that he was at home he put his little head against my shoulder and fell asleep; I felt my heart burst with happiness.

Taking care of our little friend is a matter for our entire family, thus making our lives more active. Jalo loves to play and run in the snow and follow us when we are walking around.  Jalo loves all kinds of toys that he can chew on but he also likes to play with soft toys.

Jalo has now been with us for a couple of weeks and I have managed without allergy medicine. If we need advice we can just ask the breeder. Jalo is just the perfect dog for us and I’m sure that feeling will remain as he I growing. Jalo is a very important family member and I can’t even imagine life without him anymore. 

Päivi Sarkeala