Our children have always asked us if we could get a pet. I have always said that it’s unfortunately not possible because we have allergies in the family.

In the autumn, 2014 I started to dream about a companion to keep me company on my walks in the woods. I searched for allergy friendly dogs on the internet and found the Australian labradoodle page. I had never before heard of this breed but I was immediately thrilled by it. The description of the breed stated that it was an allergy- and child friendly dog, well-suited as a first dog for a family, which can adapt easily to different situations. This really convinced me and I contacted the breeder and visited them. The dogs were even more wonderful than I could have imagined and our whole family thought so too.  We joined a waiting list and started to wait for our puppy.  It took almost a year before we got our puppy but during that time we could prepare for it.  Eagerly we followed the puppy list getting shorter and finally in July we got the information that one of the puppies would be ours.

When Kukka finally moved in with us in September our life changed completely. Now the children like to come home from school because they find a happy dog waiting for them instead of an empty home. Kukka always loves to be outside regardless of the weather and she is very happy when she can join her family in new adventures. Kukka loves to run free in the woods near our house but she can also walk nicely with the leash on. Kukka loves to dig in the ground, play in the snow and run after the ball. When she’s tired she wants to be scratched and petted. Kukka also loves to be in the shower so we have gotten used to having company in the bathroom now.

Kukka is very interested in people but she especially likes children. She also wants to get to know other dogs but she is a bit cautious with strange barking dogs. Kukka is very cautious with dogs she doesn’t know but with those she knows she loves to play. Kukka is curious and quickly become acquainted with new people, animals and situations. Kukka has charmed all our friends with her calmness and beauty.