We are the happy owners of a ten-week-old ALD-puppy. For many years we had dreamed of getting a dog but I’m very allergic to animals and different aromas. I had tried interacting with a couple of dogs of other races and got some allergic symptoms, but when we heard of the Australian labradoodle everything just worked out.

We wanted a family member, a companion in everyday life and someone to exercise with. I also wanted to visit service homes for the elderly and therefore I wanted a therapy dog.

Our puppy has a colourful personality even though she is only 10 weeks old. She is very interested in what we’re doing and loves to lie in our lap getting scratched. She has charmed all of our neighbours, and every one that we meet on our walks, with her cuteness and lovely eyes.

Living with a dog is just as wonderful as we thought and I have managed well without allergic reactions. I’m also very grateful to the breeder for her active role regarding the puppy. She also gave me some practical advice on how to avoid allergies. It was a good thing that we had to wait for a puppy for some time, we had time to get ready for the puppy and I had time to take care of my allergies. I think it’s a good thing to be prepared and it gives you and the puppy a good start together.

Be brave and follow your dreams!