Since I was a little kid I have loved dogs and dreamt of having my own. However, my allergies and asthma has made it impossible to get one. A couple of years ago my parents found the Australian labradoodle. I was thrilled and we contacted Sessan’s ALD kennel. We also visited the kennel too see if I would get any health problems caused by the dogs, but luckily I didn’t. I still wasn’t convinced and I was a little bit worried how to take care of the dog all by myself. My parents promised to always help me when needed. 

Nelli is 2.5 years old. She has a fantastic nature: kind, clever, cheerful and energetic. It has been easy to train and participate in different activities with her. Nelli learns quickly both good and bad things. New situations may at first be a little scary but she adapts quickly and loves to meet new people. We have different hobbies together, obedience training, and agility . She also likes to search for people and toys.  Agility is her favourite. Her best toy is a ball. She could play with it 24/7.

Life with a dog is wonderful but sometimes also demanding because I live alone with her.

I just love the Australian labradoodle!