Why an Australian Labradoodle? 

Our first dog, Madde, was born in 2004 and just turned 13 years old. In the beginning of 2017 the granddaughter of Madde had puppies, so we had a 4th generation birthday party! During these 13 years we have had the pleasure to breed this lovely breed and many families have had the opportunity to get a happy Australian Labradoodle from us. It is actually a miracle that we can breed any dogs as our family members are allergic to dogs. This is actually the reason why we bought an Australian Labradoodle in the first place – it doesn’t make us allergic as many other breeds do.


The founders of the Australian Labradoodle have managed to breed a dog with a coat which is allergy friendly. This feature is extremely important to us. It gave us the opportunity to get a dog.

Unfortunately many breeders use the good reputation and features of the Authentic Australian Labradoodles when selling their dogs. However, a mix with Poodle and Labrador retriever, so called Origin Labradoodle, is not necessary allergy friendly. The breeding of the authentic Australian Labradoodle has been in development for several generations so the allergy friendliness is more predictable.

Sessan’s ALD