When I met my husband in 1999 I had a small Munsterländer called Wilma. We tried to keep the dog but my husband got such severe allergic symptoms that we had to give her away. Fortunately we found a good home for her. Before this my husband had a golden retriever but he also had to give it away because of his allergies.

Several years passed, two children were born but something was still missing. We really wanted a dog. When I visited a bookstore I saw a book that mentioned the Australian labradoodle - the dog that gives hope to allergic people. I looked for breeders in Finland and found Sessan’s ALD. We visited the breeder several times and my husband didn’t get any symptoms. We also liked the breed very much; its nature and features. We became especially fond of the Wonderful Scandinavian Willow called Lily, a silver coloured standard sized dog.

In February 2013 we got a wonderful standard sized black puppy and we named her Ritu. Ritu’s mother is the previously mentioned dog  Lily.  Ritu is a bit cautious and suspicious towards strangers, both dogs and people, (in this way she is different from any other Labradoodles I know). But when she becomes your friend, she’s the best friend you could get. Ritu acts very dominant towards people and other dogs before she gets to know them.  You need to be strict and consequent to keep her in check. This queen-like-behaviour is one of the reasons Ritu is so special to us.

Ritu learns best via praise. Food as a reward is not so interesting to her, unless it’s some special treat. Ritu enjoys spending time in the forest with her family. At the cottage she loves digging for field mice and finding rabbit tracks. Ritu has tried many different activities; obedience classes, AKC Rally, bird fetching, but she’s not too keen on any of those. She much more enjoys being lazy with dad and playing with the family’s other labradoodle, Rambo. Ritu also loves to play with the children in the family (aged 10 and 14). When you’ve had a bad day there’s nothing better than having Ritu cuddle up next to you!

Ritu & family